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4 Weeks


About the Course

Course: "Lawn Tennis Basics"

Duration: 8 weeks

Week 1:

- Introduction to Lawn Tennis

- Equipment and Court Layout

- Basic Grips and Footwork

- Understanding Scoring System

Week 2:

- Forehand Stroke Technique

- Practice Drills for Forehand

- Court Positioning for Forehand Shots

- Introduction to Backhand Stroke

Week 3:

- Backhand Stroke Technique

- Practice Drills for Backhand

- Court Positioning for Backhand Shots

- Introduction to Serve Technique

Week 4:

- Serve Technique and Variations

- Practice Drills for Serving

- Developing Power and Accuracy in Serves

- Introduction to Volley Technique

Week 5:

- Volley Technique and Net Play

- Practice Drills for Volleys

- Approaching the Net and Strategic Positioning

- Developing Reflexes and Quick Reactions

Week 6:

- Developing Consistency in Groundstrokes

- Footwork for Efficient Movement on the Court

- Improving Timing and Control in Shots

- Tactics for Singles and Doubles Play

Week 7:

- Introduction to Spin and Slice Shots

- Practicing Spin and Slice Techniques

- Utilizing Spin for Strategy and Control

- Strategies for Playing on Grass Courts

Week 8:

- Review of Skills and Techniques

- Matchplay Simulations and Scenarios

- Mental Toughness and Focus on the Court

- Final Assessment and Course Wrap-up

The "Lawn Tennis Basics" course spans over 8 weeks and provides a comprehensive breakdown of essential skills and techniques. Each week focuses on specific areas of the game, gradually building a solid foundation for participants.

Participants will learn the basics of grip, footwork, and court positioning in the initial weeks. They will then progress to forehand and backhand strokes, serve technique, and volley skills. Emphasis is placed on developing power, accuracy, and consistency in various shots.

As the course progresses, participants will explore advanced techniques such as spin and slice shots, along with strategies for playing on grass courts. Throughout the program, practice drills, simulations, and matchplay scenarios provide ample opportunities for practical application.

The final week of the course includes a comprehensive review of skills, mental toughness training, and a final assessment to gauge participants' progress. By the end of the program, participants will have gained a strong understanding of the fundamentals of lawn tennis, enabling them to confidently engage in matches and further develop their game.

Your Instructor

Mr A

The Instructor is one of Aurum's experienced Coaches

Mr A
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