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This page is meant to provide a wealth of resources, knowledge, insights, guides, and materials to both players within the Academy and those outside who are considering joining, with experienced coaches, trainers, and staff offering necessary guidance and support to help each player reach their full potential, along with a library of instructional resources and materials available to help players hone their skills and learn the latest techniques, all with the ultimate goal of providing everything players need to become the best they can be.

Resources & Guides

  • Overview of the library of resources offered by the academy

  • Categories of resources available, such as instructional videos, articles, and podcasts

  • Sample of resources available, with brief descriptions and links to access them

Learn More

Player & Support

  • Details on the support services offered to players

  • Information on the academy's approach to player welfare and well-being

  • Testimonials from players who have received support from the academy.

Coaching & Training

  • Information on the coaching and training provided by the academy

  • Details on the experience and expertise of the coaches and trainers

  • Testimonials from players who have benefited from the coaching and training


Aurum Players

  • Information on how to become a player in the academy

  • Details on the application process and requirements

  • Testimonials from current players on their experience in the academy

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