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How to choose the right racket, shoes, and clothing for your child's needs as a parent.

How to choose the right racket, shoes, and clothing for your child's needs.How to choose the right racket, shoes, and clothing for your child's needs.

As a parent, one of the most crucial decisions you will make for your child in their tennis journey is choosing the right equipment. Proper equipment not only improves your child's performance but also helps prevent injuries.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right racket, shoes, and clothing for your child's tennis needs.

Tip #1 - Racket

The first and most essential piece of equipment is the tennis racket. When selecting a racket, you should consider the following factors:

  • Age and size: Choose a racket that is suitable for your child's age, height, and strength. A racket that is too heavy can cause arm and shoulder injuries, while a racket that is too light can lead to poor control and lack of power.

  • Grip size: The grip size of the racket is critical to ensure your child can hold it correctly. A racket with a too small grip size can cause wrist injuries, while a too big grip size can lead to arm and shoulder injuries.

  • String tension: The string tension affects the power and control of the racket. Choose a string tension that is suitable for your child's playing style and level.

Tip #2 - Shoes

The right tennis shoes can improve your child's speed, agility, and stability on the court. When choosing tennis shoes, consider the following factors:

  • Court surface: Different tennis court surfaces require different types of shoes. For example, shoes with a herringbone pattern on the sole are suitable for hard courts, while shoes with a zig-zag pattern are best for clay courts.

  • Comfort and fit: Look for shoes that are comfortable and provide a snug fit without being too tight. A poorly fitting shoe can cause blisters and other foot injuries.

  • Support and cushioning: Tennis shoes should provide ample support and cushioning to absorb the impact of running and jumping on the court.

" The right equipment can make all the difference in your game. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don't have the right tools to work with, you won't be able to perform at your best." - Serena Williams

Tip #3 - Clothing

Comfortable and functional tennis clothing can help your child perform at their best. Consider the following factors when choosing tennis clothing:

  • Material: Choose clothing made from breathable materials that wick away sweat and keep your child cool and comfortable on the court.

  • Fit: Look for clothing that fits well and allows for a full range of motion. Loose clothing can get in the way and affect your child's performance.

  • Sun protection: Tennis is often played outdoors, and prolonged exposure to the sun can cause sunburn and skin damage. Choose clothing with UV protection or consider applying sunscreen to exposed skin.


In conclusion, choosing the right tennis equipment for your child is crucial for their performance and safety on the court. Consider your child's age, size, playing style, and level when selecting a racket, shoes, and clothing. With the right equipment, your child will be well-equipped to play their best and enjoy the game of tennis.



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