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Divine Dasam Nweke


Divine Dasam Nweke, an emerging talent in the world of tennis, embarked on her journey in the sport at the tender age of six in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she resided with her parents. Her innate passion and aptitude for the sport were evident from the outset, leading her to secure victories in numerous tournaments, including the national championship.

Recognizing her potential, she transitioned to a larger tennis club at the age of nine. Her exceptional skills left a profound impression on her coaches, leading to opportunities to compete against older players. By the age of eleven, Ms. Nweke had elevated her game to compete at a higher level, securing victories in prestigious tournaments in Sweden. Her accomplishments led to her being ranked as the number one player in the U12, U14, and U16 categories in Denmark, and the eighth-ranked player in the national women’s ranking in Denmark.

In 2019, she was invited to play in the Youth Olympic but could not participate due to a shin splint injury. The injury lasted 2 years before she recovered and lost her junior ranking of 276. However, she is now fully recovered and moving forward.

Looking ahead to 2023, Ms. Nweke plans to participate in an increased number of WTA tournaments to enhance her ranking. She has been invited by the Nigerian Tennis Federation to compete in the Bille Jean Cup, where she has demonstrated her prowess by winning all her matches. Ms. Nweke’s journey serves as a testament to her dedication and commitment to the sport of tennis.

Divine Dasam Nweke
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